Simply Benefits


SimplyBenefits is perfect for employers who want to:

  • Deliver health care and insurance information online
  • Provide quick and easy access to benefits and insurance information
  • Want to cut down on HR call volume in regards to insurance benefits

SimplyBenefits gives you:

  • A dynamic easy to use website to all your health care and insurance benefit information
  • Ability to customize your site with:
    • Logo
    • Contacts
    • FAQs
    • Forms
    • Benefit information
Your company spends a lot of time and money to provide your employees with quality benefits. Let SimplyBenefits maximize your investment. This easy-to-use website gives your employees the complete picture of your health and insurance plans 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

SimplyBenefits alows you to streamline health care and insurance benefits communication, cut printing costs, and reduce HR time on benefit inquiries. Ann Arbor Financial’s website hosts a range of specific information to help you educate your employees about their benefits. This includes essential elements for making informed decisions, such as plan highlights, important forms and documents, and answers to frequently asked questions. Simply Benefit’s user-friendly format enables employees to become better educated in making choices and changes.

The Advantage

This is a free service available to all Ann Arbor Financial clients. Employees and their dependents can access Simply Benefits anytime, anywhere, through out web address. Log-in through our site using your username and password. Main menu options include the following:

  • Benefits — information about your health care and insurance plans and providers, including contributions and eligibility
  • FAQs — answers to common benefit questions
  • Forms — forms, documents, and summary plan descriptions for printing or viewing
  • Contacts — employer and provider contact details

SimplyBenefits is part of Ann Arbor Financial’s dedication to make insurance benefits easy for you and your employees. We offer solutions that are tailored to your organization’s needs.