Compliance Link

Compliance Link

Compliance Link is perfect for companies with:

  • Limited compliance resources
  • Smaller internal benefit operations
  • Limited HR time
Keeping employee benefit plans legally compliant is an ongoing challenge for all companies. Existing requirements are complex, and plans are continually subject to new and involved federal and state laws.

As an Ann Arbor Financial client, we will keep you up-to-date with information, legal changes, new legislation, and links to important sites. Ann Arbor Financial can help you identify your existing resources and unmet needs. Through Compliance Link we offer a cost effective way of keeping your clients up to date with the latest COBRA regulations and HIPAA procedures as well as other compliance laws.

The Advantage

At Ann Arbor Financial we don’t want you to be bogged down with the confusing legal rhetoric of new legislation. Our consultants knowledgeable and familiar with key compliance issues and developments and are able to communicate to you the potential impact they will have on your employee benefit programs.

With our Compliance Link you will receive:

  • In depth information organized that pertains exclusively to your business
  • Timely access to new information to keep you current on the latest developments

Compliance tracking that minimized administrative time and costs. Compliance Link takes some of the burden of compliance off of your company. One less thing for you to think about, and another solution tailored to your needs.